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S-control only getting date part of date/time field (Case.ClosedDate)

I have some custom datetime fields on Case and I get them with the time included but when I try to get ClosedDate I only receive the date part!



var redDateStr = '{!Case.VI_Red_Time__c}'; alert( 'red ' + redDateStr); var isClosed = '{!Case.IsClosed}'; /* "0"=open, "1"=closed */ var closedDateStr = '{!Case.ClosedDate}'; alert('closed ' + closedDateStr); var openedDateStr = '{!Case.CreatedDate}'; alert('opened ' + openedDateStr);

So my custom datetime field displays a date and time, the two standard fields only display date. I've looked at the record in eclipse and the standard fields do have a time element to them so not sure why the above isn't working?

For ClosedDate and CreatedDate I should be seeing a time element in the alert boxes.