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I love Force.com Labs!

Welcome to the Force.com Labs discussion board -- I'm glad you're here.  This is an experiment in connecting Force.com Labs users with Force.com Labs authors.  Have a question about an app?  A feature request?  An app request?  Just want to talk about your favorite or least favorite?  You're in the right place.

Yay! hi Reid!


I love Force.com Labs too.


I do have a question, but perhaps I should post it in a separate thread.  


Hi, Reid and Team!


So glad to be a part of the Community :-)


Where is the best board, or method if not a board, to submit a new App from Force.com Labs?






Correction to the above - I mean a new App request :-)

You mean an idea for an app or an app you created? Labs only publishes apps by employees, but if you have an idea you can post it to the idea exchange. HTH.
Hi, there - It is an Idea for an App from Force.com Labs. I will post to the Idea Exchange. JEN Jen Nelson, Sr. Project Manager Solution Delivery C: 770.846.8497 | F: 404.240.2958 | E: jen.nelson@configero.com Follow us on Twitter | www.configero.com