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Action Plans - Assigning task to owner / Workflow

Is there a way of modifying Action Plans to include assigning a task to an object's owner? Seems like right now it can only assign to a specific user or the user creating the plan. It's important for us to be able to have one person creating plans on behalf of someone else - so owner is critical.


Also, can Action Plans be created via a Workflow? If not, I presume an apex trigger can be created so that a specific template is used to create an action plan based upon some pre-defined factor?


We're testing the next version of AP right now and it has a setting that allows you to have blank assign to fields go to either the running user or the object owner.  We're probably 3-4 weeks out but it should be coming.


Re: creating an AP through WF or Trigger -- Trigger would work for sure, WF .... can't think of a way it work off hand.  Trigger seems like your best bet.


Assign to Owner==Rad!


Running AP in a PE org also== Rad!




Glad you like them!  We're close to a release.  In fact, I have a short video of a feature that I'm trying to get my arms around.  THIS IS NOT RELEASED YET but I would love feedback.  It.s < 3 minutes.  Can you take a look and let me know your thoughts?



pw: sneaky


BTW that's an internal vid so you won't be able to Chatter @ Reid or hit the URL i share -- but you can email me at labs at salesforce dot com


ok, so Template Import==Way Cool.  So if there is a directory of templates, and users of the app can export the templates they create, will there be some kind of community aspect to the sharing of templates?


1. How Userful?  Very.  

2. More Useful?? The only thing coming to mind at the moment is the ability to predefine in a template who the tasks are assigned to, like Task 1=Record Owner, Task 2=Owner's Manager, Task 3=Role A, etc.  Maybe this is already possible, and I think its more of a 'nice to have' than a 'have to have'.  The fact that you guys are making this able to be assigned to the record owner across the board is really the 'have to have' feature, and you are already there.

3. What Kinds of Templates? Well Project management obviously comes to mind, but that sounds like it is in the works.  I wish I had better feedback for you here, but my guess is that general sales stuff like event follow up, and website inquiry follow up seems like the obvious place to start. Maybe something around cases would be good, but not too sure what that would look like.  


Overall - completely awesome.  Full of awesomeness as @darthgarry would say.


Keep up the good work, and did I mention that I can.not.wait until this is available for PE? I did? Oh.  K, thx, bye.