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Find Nearby - Invalid Double - Error Message on GeoCoding

Hi there,

Great app, but have geo-coded about 1/3 of our orgs accounts and I think I have found a bug. Am getting an error message when ever going to the geocode tab.

Invalid double:

An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been notified. (FN)

This is preventing any further accounts to be located, would be great to know what is causing this and how to resolve it to get the rest of the accounts located.


Could the creator (or someone) of this app let us know if this is happening due to a bug in the code, or if this is an issue with the format of the address values.

If it is a bug I hope that this can be resolved soon.

If it is a problem with format of the data, could we please know what we need to look for in the data to fix? Is it an issue that there could be a bad character in the address data somewhere? How can I tell what the next account record is that the Geocode tab looks at (what order does it run though the records)? So I can check the data an fix it, if this is the problem.

This is a great app and really need all account records mapped for it to be useful, we only have a partial set of records that are mapped due to this problem


I have tried this on different browsers and it seems it is happening to other orgs possibly as well (as this has been commented in the comments section of the app) - just found this discussion forum


I just wanted to second that I have the exact same problem. Received the same error recently.


I also have received the same error.


Same issue here...


Looks like this issue has been fixed if you upgrade the app.


I did not need to uninstall it, I simply went to the app page on the AppExchange, hit Get It Now again, and installed it. It notified me of the components it would be updating and then installed.


Once done, I started Geo Coding again without issues.

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