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Channel Finance 1.0 - Anything in the Works?

So i just came across this app today, and it looks pretty cool, but obviously older and in need of updating.




Just wondering if there are any plans to upgrade this.  Also, is there any kind of way to see a demo of how this is intended to work?  That would be really helpful.




Don't have anything in the works just yet.  What kind fo functionality are you looking for?  Maybe I can answer a question.


Not really sure about functionality.  I am still working on understanding what exactly its supposed to do.  And since there is no demo, it's a bit mysterious.  If you can put me in touch with the original developer, that would be cool.  


Its full of S-Controls, and from what I can tell, they handle the approval processes, so that can be re-done with standard approval processes - at least for orgs that have that feature.  There is also an S-Control that looks like it is supposed to query all the related records and update a total amount on a header record.  This is probably a job for a Roll Up Summary Field.  Like I said, Im still figuring it out.  Also, there are buttons in the page layouts - pretty sure these are wired into the S-Controls that don't display the image, and don't work when you click them - the send you to an error page.


If my current project goes this route, I may be able to dink around with it a bit, (in my limited dev knowledge) and see what I can come up with.  I'll let you know.