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CMSForce2 Webform

I am trying to develop a webform for a custom object and have the following situation.  The custom object is linked to multiple standard objects and other custom objects.  We have a set group of people that will be using this form.  Each person is a contact in our salesforce system and this custom object has a master-detail relationship to that contact record type.  My dilemma at this point is that I need to have an Id value associated with this reference field(master-detail to contact) in the webform and I am at a loss as to what needs to go in there.  Ideally it would be based on the person entering the data, but not the same person would be entering the data as it is a general access form.  Each of these records will be "approved" by someone internally and can make the master-detail assignment at that point if necessary, but can't figure out a way around the field as it is a required field and it won't let me create the webform without it.  Is it possible to create a webform where these people can go put a number that is associated with only them in and it pulls certain pieces of information from SF?


I know this is a lot in one message, but I need help desperately.

David VPDavid VP

The reference field is required for the simple reason that public visitors can not do 'lookups' to any of the objects. They simply don't have acces to them (as it should be).

The idea is that you set the reference fields in a web form hidden and prefill in the Id's of the objects you want every posted webform data to link to.


Just create a contact with the name 'to be approved' and put that contact's id in the webform's field. That way all your posted data will show up as a child record of the 'to be approved' contact.

You can then have people look at it, and change the lookups to whatever is needed.


Another tip : if you have control over the url with which people will access the form (mail templates with merge fields for example) then you can 'prefill' the hidden reference fields by adding its API name and value to the url (.... &somereferencefield__c=someid )





I agree with the access statement, was trying to see what I needed to do to get around that and wasn't thinking of the suggestion you made since we are having someone "approve" these when they are submitted so they could make the appropriate changes.  So to rephrase the last question...instead of pulling the data from SF can there be a drop down box selecting a number that fills in fields internally to SF (that they don't see) based on a workflow/trigger once it populates into SF.


I like the idea of the email template with merge fields, but with 180 people doing this I can't guarantee they will always use the link they are sent.  I do like that for marketing campaigns to get people signed up for workshops, events, etc.


Just out of curiosity...will the new siteforce tool replace what CMSForce is doing?


Stay tuned for more info on Siteforce.