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Best way to handle addresses for reporting and invoices etc

Hey there, im customizing our SalesForce database and can foresee some possible problems in logic and  future reporting. Im wondering hows the best way to handle this situation.  Basically I need to know if its possible to report on one field 3, ifs its empty to report on field 2 if that’s empty report on field 1. Its for addresses, (client address, shipping address, physical location address)


I don’t want the user to have to enter in the address 3 times if they are all the same, which is often. But just as often all 3 can be different (which they will have to enter them in), or client and shipping will be the same and physical address is different. I want our cases to be by physical address of the sign, but its not always going to be there if same as and of the other two… etc..


I also can see problem right away with shipping address on the ivoice template ive already built using Conga Merge trial. If its the same as client address its not always going to be on my invoice. Whats the best way to handle this logic? Make the users enter in the address 3 times wont be fun.


I hope this is clear enough. Its a simple but yet tricky problem.


Or actually I  just need to put logic into salesforce when the record is saved. If address 3 is blank, add the data from address 2. If address 2 is blank, add the data from address 1. Is this possible? That will fix my invoice problem too.

Ranu JainRanu Jain
Yes, this is possible by putting the logic in trigger.
You can even use Workflow rules for this with field updates.