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Lookup and Master-Detail Relationship



I have to get data from three objects which have relationships. Objects, fields and their relationships are as follows.


1) Proudct ( standard Object)

     Field:  ProductCode,Offer_category__r



2) Product_Options__C ( Custom Object )

     Field: Name, Product_Option_code

     RelationShip: Lookup(Product)


3) RecurringPrice__C ( Custom Object )

     Field: Current_Price__c

     Relationship: Master-Detail ( Product_Options__c)


for better understanding i am writing the relationship

Product -->(LookUp) Product_Options__C -->(Master-Detail) RecurringPrice__c


I want to get the value of Current_Price__C.




//For understanding i am writing SQL  query


Select Current_Price__C where

   Product.productcode  = ProductOption__c.Product_Option_code and

   ProductOption__c.Product_Option_code = RecurringPrice__C.Product_Option_code

from RecurringPrice__C.




Can any one help me in writing the SOQL query to get the value of Current_Price__c.















Hi ,


Try this 


Select Your fields form yourCustomObject where (Product_Options__C object relatation ship name + __r). (relation ship name of product on PO object).fieldname  =  (Product_Options__C object relatation ship name + __r).fieldname ;


This link can help you more







If you have Product id then Please apply below : 

[Select Current_Price__C from RecurringPrice__C where Product_Options__r.ProductId = : PRODUCTID ]


Where PRODUCTID is id of Product for this you want to get current price.