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Javascript Editors???

Hi All,
Can anyone recommend a javascript editor for a newbie?  I've dabbled in VB/VBA before but never javascript so I'm gonna need all the help I can get.
Thanks in advance.
Visual Studio .NET is ok.

There is an Eclipse toolkit for AppExchange.

IntelliJ has good javascript support.
Ron HessRon Hess
The Eclipse plug-in for AppExchange is the best for me, directly updates the scontrol HTML body and keeps multiple projects alive at one time.
I just installed the Appexchange plug in for Eclipse and it is awesome! I'm sure I am not hitting on all its functionality, but here are the things that I love after only 30 minutes with it:

* live list of all your s-controls (separate list for each instance)
* live editing of all your s-controls (hit save and they are saved to
* no more keeping the s-control edit screen handy in a tab with contstant copy code from the IDE, find the s-control list in browser, browser back one page, select all code, paste new code, save s-control, navigate back to to test.
* nice formatting, code coloring, block indenting, etc.

Just the ability to save in the IDE and have it automatically update in is worth it for me.

You should try it if you haven't yet...

Thanks for creating this plug in!
Ron HessRon Hess
Another cool feature of the Eclipse editor is that if you run a search for some code you know you just wrote but dont' remember where, it will search each and every scontrol, in each open project !


Hi Steve/Ronn,

Do we able to do debug of AppExchange from Eclipse? Thanks.




If you are using the Eclipse toolkit, you'll have to use venkman or something. 

I am using it but each time I make a save I have an error and when I make a save as it is working. And I am trying on a scontrol from Appexchange amd I am just adding comments in the javascript

The error
An io exception occurred.
InvaliD_Type: Must send a concrete entity type

Ron HessRon Hess
if you just grab an scontrol , and this control has a merge field , and your org does not have that same merge field you may see a save problem.

also you can update to the latest version of the Eclipse tooklit , i have



Hi Ron,

Where we could get version 1.0.2206?


Ron HessRon Hess
so, if you have a previous version installed, you can go into the help menu item in eclipse, then find "manage configurations", then open up the tree item for AppExchange plugin, then click the like in the detail pane which says "check for updates" or something.

this is the best way to get the latest version.
 You can also scan for all updates in eclipse , but that can take a long time.