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move auto-number field to parent object

Hi All,
I have been looking at this problem for some time and cannot see the answer. I really have very little code experience so that is not helping!
We have a custom object with an auto-number field that we want to pass into the opportunity object when the custom object is saved. I should also mention that this custom object is created from the opportunity record through a button that generates the record. We would like to pass the number back into a field in the opportunity.
I understand that the basics are:
upon record save, custom object name = opportunity custom field
Thanking you in advance for helping!
If you are talking about passing a field from a child record to a parent record, I think you have to do that through an S-control which would require a little bit of coding unfortunately. Without knowing specifics, it's hard to say exactly how that code would look.
I had a similar situation and I ended up putting an S-control on the custom object that updated the parent opportunity.
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I have determined that is exactly what I need to do - does the field on the parent update upon "SAVE" of the child record?
Which version are you running? Do you have access to Triggers? If so you can put it in one of those.
If not, the only quick workaround  can think of is to actually put it on the record itself. Consequently it would run everytime you look at a record which may or may not work in your situation. This would also add up to a lot of API calls a day if this is something that would be access often.
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I appreciate your comments on the API calls, as there will be alot of records to update this would most likely slow things down. While I am working in the EE version, it is my understanding that "triggers" are done in a development environment. I would likely have issues passing triggers into my instance?

I'm new to triggers as it was just activated in our EE so unfortunately I'm not too familiar with it yet.

Anyone else with experience in triggers have any thoughts?