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Passing arguments from one s-control to other

I have a requirement where Im using 2 s-controls. One s-control calls another s-control based on some condition.
Im able to call the second s-control but not able to pass parameters to it.
Can any one please help me in this regard.
Thanks in advance.
Greg HGreg H
Depending on what you are passing you can use the URL to pass parameters.  If you need a lot of fields from a specific record than you should pass the record id in the URL as "&eid=000000000000000" where the string of zeros is the record Id. This will allow you to use Salesforce merge fields in your second sControl as long as the merge fields are related to the record Id being passed. Make sense?
Another option would be to pass the actual parameters themselves in the URL but that would require you parsing the URL and determining those values which would be a lot of additional work.
Thanks a ton for your reply.
My requirement is when we click on 'Close case" button in case detail page it should go to the standard close case page.
but when we click on save in close case page it should redirect to the second s-control where i need to pass case Id and Case contact Id fields. Im using the following code to call the second s-control. Im able to call the second s-control but not able to pass parameters to it.
window.parent.location.href ="{!URLFOR( $Action.Case.CloseCase ,Case.Id,[retURL=   $SControl.<second S-control Name>,cancelURL=URLFOR($Action.Case.View, Case.Id)],true)}"
Can you please help me in this regard.
Any work around will also help.
Thanks in advance