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Accessing Mobile Detail Pages and Data Sets from Visualforce

This question has to do with developing Visualforce pages for the Salesforce Mobile application. 


Is it possible to refer to the data set that is on a user's mobile device via a Visualforce page/Apex Controller? 


Similarly, is it possible to link to a Salesforce Mobile record detail page from a Visualforce page?  For example, if I have a list of records in a Visualforce page that is brought up using a mobile tab, can I have one of those records link to the mobile record detail page (i.e., the standard, out of the box mobile page layout/record detail)?


For those of you who haven't tried, just trying to address a record detail with the base url + the record ID doesn't work -- it brings up the Salesforce online version. 


I also know that it's possible to create a formula field link in a mobile record detail page that points to a Visualforce page, but I haven't seen any documentation that says you can go the other way around. 


I'd like to do this so I don't have to program my own record detail page.




I am also facing the same issue. I tried opening the detail page, but it is opening the web detail page. If you get any solution please let me know. thanks.


This is unfornately not possible to do. Visualforce pages are delivered via the browser on the mobile device (since they are HTML pages), while the record 'detail page' is actually a native UI element developed on the respective device platform (iOS, Blackberry etc.). There is no way to link/access such native UI elements from a web page.