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iOS Force.com SDK and custom rest responder class?

Is there any means of accessing a custom rest responder class (created using @RestResource) with the iOS force.com sdk? The documentation only mentions the following potential "request for" methods, none of which seem applicable.



you can also create a SFRestRequest by using the class method 

+ (id)requestWithMethod:(SFRestMethod)method path:(NSString *)path queryParams:(NSDictionary *)queryParams;

that gives you some flexibily on how to connect to by using the method parameters,  which you will use to to do the action specified by the method, using the path specified by path, passing the parameters inside the queryParams dictionary. something else you can do, if you have a custom action, is to read the documentation of the custom action you wish to perform, and to connect directly to that custom action(using NSURLConnection and NSURLRequest), passing the neccesary header fields the action requires (such as the access token, rest method, content type).