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AppExchange - pre-release to production developer org


I have an "AppExchange" app, currently in development, but on a pre-release org. I have registered the app - privately - but it appears to be on a pre-release version of the AppExchange.

I would like (need) to be able to install the app into my "developer" org on the production site to continue work. However, when I try to use the link to get-it-now, my developer login does not work.

Is there a trick / documentation I am missing so that I can cross this app over ?

Ron HessRon Hess
right, there was a complete, seperate database, code base, and exchange for the prerelease program, i know of no way to move the data over using the exchange. ( no bridge between the two)

you can call your pre-release rep or the support team and explain what you are trying to do, they may have something.

Also, you could copy all your S-Controls to a file, and paste them into your dev org, then re-create the tabs, custom objects and custom links, it's a pain i know , but it's better than losing work when the pre-release program expires.

pre-release is going away on or before jan16.