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Group Opportunities together

Hi all,

Is there a way to group opportunities that share a common field together on I.E. two opportunties shares the same common field, sales person name, then I can do a lookup or search to group or link those two opportunities together. Maybe custom object, doing relationship?

I am not too sure since I am still a newbie using Please advise. Thank you so much.

Take care
Ron HessRon Hess
you can view a group of two or more opportunities by using a report, which would use the common field as the "summarize by" field in the report wizard.

in addition you can write a custom link which uses the common field as a filter value, and creates a report with this value supplied as a filter, then you can place this report URL in a custom link on the opportunity, and use this to "find opportunities like this one" . This sounds hard until you've worked thru the steps.

i think one of the appexchange components uses this trick to list Contracts related to an Opportunity
Hi Ron,

Thanks for your reply. But besides using the report method, is there any other way we can group similar opportunities together and list them under an opportunity view?

The report method is somewhat a long way to do this in my boss's opinion. (Sorry its not up to me to make this final decision). So if anyone has other methods, i am definitely all ears to it.

Thanks so much once again.
Take care
Hi Ron,

I tried your second advise. Quick question about it. the common share field changes from opportunities to opportunities. So, how can I create a dynamic variable for the filter on the report section?

Here is an example:

Field Operator Value
WorkspaceID equals {!Opportunity_Workspace_ID}

If i type this in, the report wont find anything, which then I wont be able to use in the custom link.

your help is definitely needed here. Thank you so much once again!
Take care
Ron HessRon Hess
did you try writing a list view on the opportunites tab?
it may be the simplest
Dear Ron,

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!! I really appreciated it.

I figured out what your option 2 really means, and it's working perfect according to my boss, and you should've seen how big he smiled!

Another question to see if it's feasible to do. I need to merge a newly created opportunity with an existing related opportunity. So let's say that I just create an opporutnity A and an existing opportunity B is related to the newly created opportunity A, so then is there a way for me to merge some of fields from opportunity B to opportunity A. So another of way of saying is this. Can opportunity A have fields that is related on opportunity B on the in a way this is an opportunity merge.

If anyone else has any idea, please feel free to share your thoughts. Your help is much appreciated.

Take care