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Jon KeenerJon Keener 

Creating a Web Link that calls a report, including a dynamic filter

I was wondering if it was possible to pass an "override" parameter to a report through a weblink.  For example:

I'd like to create a web link on the Account Tab that runs a report that displays all opportunities for that Account.  To do this, I'd have to pass the Account Number as a merge field to the report, and have the report utilize it. 

If anyone has done something like this, please let me know!


Jon Keener



Yes, you can!
In the following note, copied from the earlier Yahoo user group, Rob Lamb explains how:

Building a Web Link that generates a report filtered by the current record ...

This is a great way to generate a report directly from a specific contact, account, opportunity etc.

Create a report that looks for information about a specific record.

An example might be an opportunity report where you are trying to quickly look at all the opportunities for a particular account. You might do this to look at a consolidated view of opportunities and are interested in viewing fields not in the opportunities related list under an account.

Generate the report including all the columns, order of columns etc.

In the "Advance Filters" select account name, equals, and leave the last field blank.

Run the report and copy the URL.

Add ?&pv0={!Account_Name} to the end of the URL, producing something like:{!Account_ID}
(include the ? only if there is not already one on the URL).

You can put this into a web integration link. I believe that a URL custom field will work as well. (Hint: Press and hold the "Shift" key before you click the link in a custom field and it will open a new window.) When you click the link it will generate a report about the specific account you are looking at.

If you are generating information from a contact page,
     use contact, equals, leave the last field blank and add ?&pv0={!Contact_ID}. 
For a cases page, add ?&pv0={!Case_ID} etc.

(Updated to add the "?" and example given by Jon in the reply to this post)

Message Edited by Scot on 11-30-2004 11:42 AM

Jon KeenerJon Keener

Thanks!  This is exactly what I was looking for.  Just to save anyone else any confusion on this, a "?" needs to be inserted between the web link of the report and the &pv0 section.



Jon Keener


Good update, Jon ... I added it to the original post as well.  Scot

Does anyone know if it is possible to do this with a Contact list view? I have been doing this with reports for quite a while and just tried to implement it with a view and it did not seem like the value was passed into the critera.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.