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Can I use sForce Controls to update fields in the Salesforce Object ?

I wuold like to know if you can use sForce Controls to Look Up data in an outside Salesforce table and then use that data to update a Salesforce.com field in the actually open record/objet field/attribute.

For Example : if I use a FedEx tracking number that it is stored in a custom field called FEDEX TRACKING of the OPPORTUNITY object, and I found the LOCATION where the package is located at that time. Can I store the result back in a CUSTOM field that I called LAST LOCATION ???

What wuold be the best strategy / technique to do it ?

I will apreciate anybodys comments / help with this question.








Hi Galpemar,

You can certainly do that.  The issue is that the sForce control will want to either launch in a seperate window or in a new frame taking you away from the current object.

I would recommend using javascript in a separate window that is sized small and placed in one of the corners of the screen.  Using MSXML or, when released, sforce COM object, you could update the custom field on the object after retrieving the location of the package.  Once that operation is complete, the javascript can refresh the main salesforce.com window that launched the sForce control and then close it's own window.

The net effect is a momentary window being displayed while the javascript does it's work, and then the object detail page gets refreshed.


Lizzy BeeLizzy Bee
Does anyone have an example of the javascript described by Dave? 

Yes, please, if anyone has one ... I would also love to get an example, particularly with the COM toolkit.


Yes I'd like to see an example as well as I've been pulling my hair out trying to get a checkbox updated on a calling page.