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Customize case grid


   I need to identify cases that have particular status and make them distinct from other cases (red text or read background based on status).  Is there any way to customize the view-grid of cases?



Create a formula field (text return value) such as the following

if(ISPICKVAL({!Status}, "new") , IMAGE("/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=015600000006vC4", "Flag"), "false")


The file reference is a referernce to a document that could be an image that will be useful for providing a visual differentiator for the case. You can include this image list views andd/or the case layout 

Then you could create a list view where you constrain on the field above = "false" or not equal to "false" depending on what you want to see.


That's exactly what I was thinking... this is one of the 100 Sample Formula Fields available on successforce.  You can actually have images display in views and then sort by them, pretty cool stuff.