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Sushant RaoSushant Rao 

ISV program for the appexchange. VF vs Ajax Toolkit. Api Limit Question.

Forgive me if this is documented somewhere, I tried looking before writing this.


We a small ambitious team trying to become SF ISV partners building an app for the appexchange. Our application is going to be an RIA using JQuery. We think we can get by with apex for the backend. We haven't signed up for the partner program yet but we have a couple of 'burning' question on our minds.


1. For an ISV does it matter if the application is built using VF vs Ajax toolkit, with reagrads to the api limits. I know VF incorporates stateful programming, does this reduce the calls the sever.

2. Would the JQuery library be set-up as a 'static resource' and then bundled with the managed package we distribute.

3. To qualify as a native and aloha app do we have to use a certain type (VF / AJAX Toolkit)


We are hoping that by getting these questions answered now it will cut down on our development time.




1. Ajax toolkit uses the Web Services API and therefore each call counts as an API call. Visualforce does not count against the API limits. I highly recommend using Visualforce instead of the ajax toolkit.


2. Yes, jQuery would be a static resource and included as part of the managed package


3. If you use the Ajax toolkit, that shouldn't prohibit you from being a Native, Aloha app. But again, my recommendation is to use Visualforce instead of Ajax toolkit.

Sushant RaoSushant Rao

Thanks for the quick reply. 


Another question.


What would be the best way to take a LIST defined in the controller and transport it to JQuery for it to be consumed there.Our current solution involves


1) Defining a method in the conroller that return a LISTdatatype ..

2) Using the the <apex:repeat> VF tag to interate over the list and create the JSON object to be consumed by jQuery.


Is there a more direct solution than this.


Thanks ...