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Where is the scontrol used?



I only have the name of the scontrol and it is used somewhere in Salesforce but I am not sure where... is there a way to know?


Please help!




An s-control is a way to extend the functionality of your Force.com application by combining client-side code with your app. While they can still be useful in some contexts, its useful to note that Visualforce Pages largely supersede s-controls, so its important to understand that technology before embarking on a new s-control project.


You define an s-control in the Force.com Application Framework, and then add standard HTML tags and client-side code to create the s-control. When your application accesses the s-control, the s-control runs on the client, but it can interact with data in the Force.com database through the Web Services API.


An s-control can include a user interface, in which case it can be included as part of a standard Force.com page, or as the entire page itself. You can also create s-controls that only contain code, or s-control snippets that can be re-used in other s-controls.


For more details please visit :


1. http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Build_an_S-control

2. http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Sample_HTML_scontrol.html


Hope this helps.