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Passing multiple document ids to emailauthor.jsp

Is there a way to call the emailauthor page from within an scontrol and pass it not one, but two document ids?  Passing a single document id works, but I need it to work for multiple document ids.

emUrl = "/email/author/emailauthor.jsp?doc_id="+doc_id+"&retURL="+gObjectIdURL+"&p3_mlktp="+p3_mlktp+"&p3_lkid="+p3_lkid+"&p3_lkold="+p3_lkold;

Ron HessRon Hess
no way that i know of.

Now you can use the sendEmail features of the API to perform what was once done with emailauthor.
Thanks Ron.  I did something like that but it got a little involved since users wanted the same functionality as the existing send email where they could select a template, manually add more attachments, etc... Thanks for your help!
How might one do this using visualforce/apex? I do not want to automatically send the email, but to simply attach multiple documents to the emailauthor page either from the url or other method. And once the apex class was created, how would it be called?

How will you pass an "Attachment" ID value instead of DOcument ID value to EmailAuthor page? Does anybody know this?

e r i c.ax249e r i c.ax249

Did you ever figure out a workaround for this?  I do NOT want to rebuild the emailauthor.jsp page just because we can't automatically attach multiple attachments.  It would be great if they had a fol_id parameter that could be passed so that all the contents of a folder are attached.

e r i c.ax249e r i c.ax249

@ - we use a VF page to create a copy the attachment to the documents section in a specific location.  In the retURL param we pass the name of the same VF page so that we delete the temporary document after it has been emailed or if the user clicks the cancel button.