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AJAX toolkit, apex.execute() and fault codes.

I'm using the AJAX toolkit to execute apex web services using the sforce.apex.execute() call and I'm having a problem with the exceptions being returned.  All the exceptions returned have a fault code of "soapenv:Client" instead of the SFDC fault code.  Here's the relevant portion of the response that's being returned as reported by Firebug:



 I'm converting an app that was written in Flex using the Flex toolkit, which uses a similar call, and the flex toolkit is getting the actual SFDC fault codes returned, for example: sf:invalid_type, sf:insufficient_access, sf:invalid_session_id, sf:too_many_apex_requests etc...


Is this a known issue?  I haven't verified all those error cases but I know I'm getting the "soapenv:Client" faultcode for row locking errors and duplicate value errors.