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How Can I get Support for CMSForce2

I've posted two inquiries on these forums asking for help with CMSForce2 project, and I'm not getting any feedback.  What do I need to do to get some assistance???


Please see subject "Not Receiving data from Form" posted on 8/17 for detail on my original support request...



Hi Mitch -- Looks like there was a duplcate post, so I deleted one and kept this one.


CMSForce2 is unsupported.  If you need some custom dev on it. etc., one option is to hire a contractor to help you.




How do I find someone to take a look at what I've done already... 


Not saying I don't need dev help, but I've already done all of the work, it's just not working when navigating to the sites url. Meaning, the page loads perfectly, the visitor can fill out the form, it's when they click submit, that the problem begins.


If I preview the form and fill it out, then submit, it works perfectly(as intended)...


Clearly the submit button logic is sound or the preview page wouldn't work


I guess I'm asking for a fresh set of eyes


Well a couple of options.  


The most likely culprit in these kind of areas is security.  I'd look on Guest Profile access to the particular page.  Next I would look at Guest Profile access to the particular object.


If that doesn't work, you might hit the #salesforce IRC channel on webchat.freenode.com.  A lot of people are pretty helpful.


Side note: it's DF11 week.  Are  you here in SF?  Activity might be a little lower than average.


for this guest user,


Should I have "API Enabled" selected?


I also see that for "Enable Apex Class Access" I have no items selected. Should I have any?




shouldn't need api, should need apex class.  there's a discussion on this in the install docs IIRC -- don't know off the top of my head.


The only reference in the installation docs has to do with

Enabled Visualforce Page Access


Their is no mention of

Enabled Apex Class Access


are you referring to some other document I'm unaware of?