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Cloud Swarm

I installed the managed pkg for Cloud Swarm in a sandbox, but don't see a way to either

1) notify someone an Opportunity has been created on an Account for which they are on the Account Team

2) notify someone an Opportunity has been created for an Account they follow in Chatter.

Are either one of those avail by using the managed pkg?


We have multiple people per account, so I want to be able to let everyone else know if RepA has an Opp open.  Also, there are some key accounts that higher level managers follow in Chatter that they would like to know if an Opp has been opened.



The Cloud Swarm TeamThe Cloud Swarm Team

Hi Marcia,


Sorry, but Cloud Swam does not support either #1 or #2.  Unfortunately, adding these features would require an extra database check each for each record, making Cloud Swarm hit Salesforce's governor limits very quickly and would make the app stop being useful for large organizations that load lots of records.


Thanks for your feedback, Marcia, but while those limits are around, it wouldn't make sense to add those features.  That being said, Cloud Swarm is open source, so if it's something that's really important, you can have a developer add these features for you.



~ The Cloud Swarm Team


Hi - the opportunity swarming works really well for most of the customers I support.  I do have a question on one use case:

- can managers auto-follow not only their direct reports' opportunities, but also the direct reports of their direct reports?

That is, how can a user auto-follow all opportunities down through the role hierarchy?



The Cloud Swarm TeamThe Cloud Swarm Team

Hi ejkarlberg,


Glad to hear that your customers are finding Cloud Swarm valuable!


Unfortunately, this is not possible for the exact same reason as above - each check for the mangager's manager, then the manager's manager's manager, etc. would require another database check so Salesforce's governor limits would get hit very quickly and the program would fail.


~ The Cloud Swarm Team


Thanks for the quick reply.  Yes, that makes sense about the limits.  Do you think it could be achieved by creating a trigger?  Or is that also going to run into the same limits?

The Cloud Swarm TeamThe Cloud Swarm Team

Unfortunately, you would run in to the same SOQL limits because you are still doing recursive queries. Some extremely careful caching of the entire organizational structure would make this possible, but you will almost certainly hit those limits for organizations with many employees or deep organizational structures.


~ The Cloud Swarm Team


OK.  Yes, this customer has a complex org structure and many licenses.  Thanks for the info.



I have a question on Cloud Swarm functionality...

I have created a hidden field that is driven by one of our current active picklists on the Opportunity. The new field is checkbox and is getting updated to “true” when a specific picklist value is chosen from the original dropdown list. The idea was that the Chatter feed is getting updated automatically (Field tracking is activated) and the feed would show the following:

Alesia Dvorkina changed IMS Xpress from false to true.

The feed contains “IMS Xpress” – these are the trigger words. I created a CloudSwarm Feed rule that a certain user will follow if “IMS Xpress” is mentioned. But the rule does not work.


However, if I type the post manually on the same record and say something similar to:

Alesia Dvorkina This is opportunity for IMS Xpress

Then the rule works. But the idea is that our users don’t need to type anything manually.


Please let me know if this is something that can be done using your App.

Thanks in advance!!


@Marcia.LeBlanc - If by any chance you found solutions for your requests, I would appreciate if you can share the ideas. I am looking for exactly same functionality of Chatter! 

The Cloud Swarm TeamThe Cloud Swarm Team

Hi nitra-ale,


As you found out, Feed rules are not triggered by system-generated messages, only user-generated messages.


If you're not using the Opportunity Amount, Stage, or Type stanard fields, you can use a workflow to change those fields and then create an Opportunity Swarm Rule on one of those.  Otherwise, Cloud Swarm does not support swarming on custom fields.


FYI, the code is open source if you want to have a developer customize this to suit your specific use case:



~ The Cloud Swarm Team




Thank you very much @The.Cloud.Swarm.Team for your quick response!!! Warm Regards!





I have a similar use case and I was able to make some slight modifications to the VisualForce Page to show my new field(custom field).  The issue I am running into is getting this to Trigger off of a roll up summary field on my opps that states if the opp has certain products.  If the Count is great than or equal to 1, I would like to follow that record.

The Cloud Swarm TeamThe Cloud Swarm Team

Hi Kevin,


You can't get a trifgger to fire off of a roll-up field, so you might have to manually recreate the roll-up field by making the child object increment and decrement a custom numeric field on the parent object (similar to what a roll-up summary does), thereby firing off the parent's trigger each time this count changes.



Marc YapMarc Yap



I just wanted to ask if Cloud Swarm also follows historical records if it meets the criteria. Will the app follow previous records that was created the past month?


Thanks in advance.




The Cloud Swarm TeamThe Cloud Swarm Team

Cloud Swarm will only auto-follow new records after the rule is created, not existing ones.  A tool like ChattoMate can be used to batch follow historical records based on custom criteria.



Marc YapMarc Yap
Thank you for the quick response. I will look into it. :)
Hi Swarm Team! We installed this app in our org and well we added a swarm rule for Opps over a certain amount (currency)and I see nothing happening. My suggestion was that we might use a custom amount field , Can You confirm that You are referring the standard Opp field , when triggering the rule? Is there any manual You provide on how to use this app adequately? Thanx so much in advance!