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Public Knowledge Base Set-up Issue

I'm trying to implement a public knowledge base that can be accessed via our web site. I followed the instructions in the Creating a Public Knowledge Base with SFDC Knowledge implementation guide. I created a Force.com site making sure to adhere to the notes about what not to configure prior to installing the PKB 2 app from the AppExchange. The next step in the implementation guide is to configure the PKB Site Set-up Object, however this object is not showing up. The only PKB object options I see are PKB 2 Settings, PKB Article deflection and PKB Featured. I can't go any farther with this set-up until I can access and configure the PKB Site Setup Object. What am I doing wrong here? Also, I want to be sure that although PKB will be set-up as a Force.com site, I will still be able to embed it in our existing web site which is not built on Force.com Sites.