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No pop-up with Message Of The Day app

I have instead the Salesforce Labs Message of the Day in our developer environment. It appeared to install correctly and I have been able to modify the file specified in the installation guide. However, when I login the pop-up doesn't appears.
Can anyone help? 
I do not get a pop-up either however, the message area is displayed on the home page which I actually prefer.  If you are not seeing that either, make sure you go to the Home Page Components, add-in the Message of the Day component to your page layout and update the MessageToday to create your messages.  I changed the name MessageToday to Today's Message as well.
Hello "Message Of the Day" users,
I have identified and fixed the pop-up issue. It was IE specific issue.
Fixed version (Message Of the Day 1.1) has been uploaded to app-exchange, and should be available for download soon.
If you are are interested in fixing it without having to re-install the app, please follow the following instructions,
1- Go to Setup -> App Setup -> Customize -> Home Page Components.
2- Click on the edit button next to the Custom Component called "MessageToday".
3- Click on the check box called "show HTML".
4-  Replace "Message Of The Day" with "MessageOfTheDay" (Spaces make IE unhappy).
Note: Popup appears when a user logs into salesforce for the first time on any given day. 
Thanks for the info.  I did try to follow your instructions however, if I open the home page component - MessageToday - and click display HTML, nothing displays.  Second, if I follow the instructions for where to enter the message I want users to see and enter it under the scontrol named "MessageOfTheDay1234567890", nothing displays.  I do find that if I put the message in the Home Page Component - MessageToday - it does display on the home page.  I still do not get a pop up, although this was not a big concern to me, I was more interested in the space on the home page, but thought you'd like some feedback.  I have attached screenshots for your info.
Thanks for the patience.
Updated Help:
Get New Version (once its available. This is recommended) 
Delete "MessageToday" home page component, and the s-control called "MessageOfTheDay", and install version 1.1 from app-exchange.
Fix Current Install
1- Paste the following into MessageToday,
<script>if(getCookie("messageOfTheDay") != "message00D500000007ood") { javascript:openPopupFocusEscapePounds("/servlet/servlet.Integration?lid=01N500000000eXEEAY", "MessageOfTheDay", 400, 300, "width=400,height=300,resizable=yes,toolbar=no,status=no,scrollbars=yes,menubar=no,directories=no,location=no,dependant=no", false, false); var expires = new Date(); expires.setDate(expires.getDate() + 1); setCookie("messageOfTheDay","message00D500000007ood", expires); }</script>
2- Replace the Red text with your " organization ID". (Setup -> Admin Setup -> Company Profile -> Company Information )
3- Replace the Green text with the ID of the SControl called "MessageOfTheDay" (Setup -> App Setup -> Build -> Custom S-Controls)
Updated package has been published,
Please delete "MessageToday" home page component (Setup -> App Setup -> Customize -> Home -> Home Page Components), and the s-control (Setup -> App Setup -> Build -> Scontrols) called "MessageOfTheDay", before upgrading to 1.1
I have just removed all the components from Message of the day 1.0 and install 1.1. Unfortunately I still don't get the pop up when I log in. Please can you let me know what I am doing wrong?
Did you Delete the Home Page component "Message Today" before going through the wizard?
I double checked in IE/Firefox and did not encounter any problem.
As noted in the instructions, popup appears first time you visit the home tab on any given day.
I have completely removed 1.0 and installed 1.1. There seems to be no change and no error messages to give any idea what the problem might be. My email address is, maybe we can share desktops and you can identify the problem.
I am having the same problem, and I installed the new version.  Any suggestions?

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I have followed all the recomended fixes as well and am not getting any pop up in either IE or Firefox. Does anyone have any suggestions?