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Groups in Chatter

At Dreamforce, they showed Chatter with Groups.  Should I try to build out Groups on my own as a separate object and tie Chatter using the API / Apex or should I wait for Salesforce to rollout grouping and hashtags..etc.



Scott JorgensenScott Jorgensen

With any luck, the product team will be able to deliver groups in the Summer '10 release (~June).  It probably doesn't make sense for you to build your own right now.


(Note: I am not on the product team) 


+1 for groups.


I would create my own model but it would seem a bit tricky with the lack of the User object to be in the necessary relationshps.


BTW, I created this idea a couple of days ago on this topic:



Groups are on the roadmap. (insert Safe harbor here)

Groups are also on the Google Wave roadmap, although I don't think there has been any progress since last summer. Would be nice if y'all can come up with a compatible model.


Happy to help here.