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Thoughts on Emotion visualization and alerts

Hi community,


it is very interesting to see how the chatter apps are popping up right now.

Unfortunately I can not contribute a full application due to lack of time, but I wanted to share my thoughts on something...


I dropped by my colleague Christians desk yesterday. He was part  of a team here at CoreMedia, researching collaboration in an Enterprise 2.0. We had a look into chatter and discussed the capabilities and values that it has.


He then showed my slides from their work (back in 2008 ^^) . A very interesting aspect which their software would have had covered (is that correct English?) is an emotion map. The idea would be to take the status updates, from a certain time frame and analyze them for 'good' and 'bad' words. Then take the result and visualize it*.

I picked up the idea and developed it further, to something which I would call the "emotion alert". Basically, that would be an application where a user (maybe restricted to manager profiles) could enable and refine a rule set, which alerts him when status updates regarding the company situation or on specific projects are going into another direction then they did before. The application would have a preset of sentences and hash-tags which express a certain motion and ideally self learn from either the manager fine-tuning it, or users doing it inexplicit, using a 'like' function or something similar. The rule set should also take object changes it consideration. For example lowering/highering the Oppti amount, less/more conversation rates, less/more system logins, maybe a third-party component feed could be handled too: Website visitors, AdWords stuff, Shop-Orders, etc.


Both parts together would build a great "emotion app". Start tab displays the emotion map and then a second tab allows to set up alerts for certain movements within the company. Of course it heavily depends on the employees and their system adoption.


Let me know what you think. I am curious about some feedback and maybe someone is picking up the idea and builds a great app. Btw.: This is one example where triggers would come in handy I guess ;)





Skype: hannes.ellerbrock



* = I am not sure if it is okay to post their slides public. If someone is interested, please get in touch with me via PM.


Nice idea. We have some relationship visualizations built by some of the Salesforce folks, but I can see your idea being really useful in segments such as higher-ed, government etc.




I was looking into Googles prediction API this morning. It could be very helpful for the analyze part, as you learn/train the prediction API with a preset of data and it will grow by itself. You won't have to worry about data analysation and the complex logic behind it.


Also interesting: AlchemyAPI and Open Calais.