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Solved - Create Chatter Notifications in Salesforce on Case Comment (no coding needed)

I had been trying to figure out how to get Chatter notifications when a new case comment is added to no avail until the following solution dawned on me. Feel free to use it, share it, etc.

"Case Comment Chatter-er"
  1. Create a field on your case page titled "Last Case Comment Date/Time" of type "Date/Time". Don't add it to your page layouts so it is basically hidden.
  2. Create workflow rule named something useful such as "Note Last Case Comment Date/Time"
  3. Object: Case Comment
  4. Evaluation Criterea: When a record is created, or when a record is edited...
  5. Rule Criterea: "Case Comment: Body not equal to null
  6. Create field update on the Case Comment object that set the value to "NOW()"
Basically, whenever a case comment is added - this workflow will trigger and set the Case field "Last Case Comment Date/Time" to the current time. You can now follow this field in your Chatter configuration and get alerts whenever a comment is added!


Josh Lipton
Advantix Solutions Group


Thanks for the tip.


I've refined it by also creating a text field called "Chatter Update" and adding a field update that says :



("[" & Parent.Account_Name__c & " - " & Parent.Subject & "] " & "'" & CommentBody,250 ) & "'"

In Chatter, this will tell you the AccountName, Subject and first 150 odd characters of the comment.


I think I might extend this approach to all chatter updates so that they have the Account name and object name in the update. Case and Object ID's are just too cryptic for me.


SFDC BirlasoftSFDC Birlasoft

Hi Josh,


I have a suggestion. Instead of creating a date/time field , we can create a field called 'Case Comment'  of data type 'Text Area'  and create a field update on this field by setting the new value to ' CommentBody' so that the field would update the comment itself and the chatter would give a more meaningful update , 


For Ex : The Case Comment has been updated from blank value to Good.




Rashmi T




Hey, I put your idea to work, and it's great! Is there a way to make the chatter feed only show the new field value, instead of showing what it was changed from? Showing the old comment, then the new one, in every chatter update, gets confusing.



Kou XiongKou Xiong
Thanks for this solution.  I was able to use it for a Related User new comment notification!