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Edwin VijayEdwin Vijay 

Feeds in Home Page Vs Feeds in Profile Page

Hi All,


My requirement is simple...  The chatter component on the Home Page has to be hidden. This is because we already have a lot of coponents in our home page and we actually do not have enough real estate for chatter...


I found a solution for this. I created a sidebar component, and hid the style "div" of the chatter component using "display:none;"...  I also placed a button in the sidebar which says "Show Chatter" and when clicked the user is redirected to the Profile Tab....


But, i noticed that the feeds that show up in your home page (includes feeds from users you follow), is different from the feeds that show up in your Profile page (includes only feeds you post, or from records you follow)...


Is there a way to make the Profile Page show feeds in the same way as it shows in the Home Page...


Thanks in advance!!!


I am not aware of any declarative (ie point n click) way to accomplish that. Instead, you could use Visualforce and Apex to query the chatter objects and re-build the Home page Chatter feed in your own custom tab and/or visualforce page. It is not a trivial effort, but an option. Could you re-design the home page to incorporate the default Chatter home feed?

Edwin VijayEdwin Vijay

Thanks aalbert,


We would finally go with the as-is functionality..  Salesforce has promised that in the next release my requirement would be met :)