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Delete Feed Track Changes



We have enabled Chatter in our org. and the number of records in Feed Track Changes increased our storage space so we were not able to load any more data.


When I tried to delete each feed from the Standard Object feeds like Accountfeed, Contactfeeds etc. there  were no data available in those objects. But the number of records in the Feed Track Change object still remained the same.


I tried to delete the feeds of Custom Objects as well but I did not find any records in them as well.


Can anyone provide me a solution of where can i search for these feeds in order to delete them??


Is there an easy way to delete all the feeds together rather than deleting each Objects feeds individually???


Thanks in advance.




Manu ErwinManu Erwin


I had the same problem the other day and when I checked Storage Usage today the records were gone.


Am guessing it's a queued deletion program that eventually removes the Feed Tracked Changes records.


Have another look - hopefully the records will be gone.





I am waiting for 3 days, but still nothing is reduced. Have some one found some work around for this ?


Hi i have same problem


when i am trying extract  Leadfeed data using data loader it giving a error called Sobject is not initialization failed.


can any one tell me  how to delete this feedTrack change  data .



Thank you






I have a developer edition org (5M storage only) that I am developing some data loading code against but the org is now unusable because some 11,000 "Feed Tracked Changes" records are consuming most of the space.


I've deleted all the records from the *Feed objects for the objects that tracking is enabled for using the "System Log", but (like others in this thread) can't seem to get the records reported under Feed Tracked Changes" in "Storage Usage".



  • Based on seeing the ""Feed Tracked Changes" record count reduce in one case were I did the delete very soon after the records were inserted, I wonder if there is some lifecycle event for feed records that affects whether they can be deleted (and even seen through SOQL)?
  • Any suggestions of queries that would let me see better what is going on would be appreciated.



To be honest I think any 'system' object (objects used just to facilitate some SFDC feature), should not could towards storage limits. As far as I can see the Share objects do not count either, would expect the same for this one.

Chip RidleyChip Ridley

Empty your recycle bin and then the storage will go down :smileywink:


That didn't help...