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Abhinav GuptaAbhinav Gupta 

Chatter EntitySubscription Limits ?

In my project, we follow certain records via after update triggers, if some conditions match.


I am getting this error on follow code that creates an EntitySubscription via trigger


Description: Error:Apex trigger FollowXYZ caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: FollowXYZ: execution of AfterUpdate caused by: System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: LIMIT_EXCEEDED, Maximum per user subscription limit reached.: []: Class.eng.ChatterUtil.followRecords: line 27, column 13


Seems their is some governor limit on following the entities also, i tried figuring out what the exact count is. It seems "500".

Can anyone tell me the exact count, I can't find this documented anywhere ??

I'm having this problem too, this is a BIG deal to us. We have thousands of accounts and cases. 500 is a poor limit!

You're correct, the maximum number of records you can follow is 500.

Ken KoellnerKen Koellner
  1. Is that 500 limit documented anyway?
  2. Is it accessible via the Limts methods or do you have to just know it?
  3. Does SF have anything do clean up old subscriptions?
  4. Does the user get an error if the manually try to follow something and are at the limit ?  (Maybe some sort of FIFO feature would be good where the oldest subscriptions are removed.)
Ken KoellnerKen Koellner

This limit kinda bums me out as I have a program that subscribes Users to feeds on a custom object and it occasionally throws and exception.


The documentation in the API manual on EntitySubscription mentions query limits but doesn't say anything about maximum records.

The FIFO suggestion is the best suggestion I've heard for this problem. SalesForce has told me the limit is due to the feed having to calculate all the security/sharing rules.

FWIW, It was not previously documented. However they now do document it in the "SalesForce Limits Quick Reference Guide".

I griped, and griped, and griped. Finally last year they got us moved to a 2500 follower limit. It took almost six months worth of effort and our contract renewal being on the table; but we got it done. We still utilize the excellent Chatter Unfollow app but this should be built in.

Now 2,500 is a lot. Especially if we unfollow cases and opportunities as they expire. However what if an old case comes to light and no one is currently following it anymore? What if a deal thought dead is resurrected? Now I need to put in validation rules to guide users down a "clone" work flow, so they won't update an object that lacks followers. I feel like there should be a way for the followers to stay up to date on such things and even the FIFO solution wouldn't help