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URLFOR() Documentation

can you tell me where I would find documentation for URLFOR function, what are its parameters?

Also I need some help on the following functions

2. def.urlNew
3. !Include
4. sforceClient
5. SOject

Where can I get some docs on these.


URLFOR and INCLUDE are in the Help & Training window. def.newUrl appears to be a line of random JavaScript. def is the object, and newUrl is a member of the object; beyond that, I am unsure what you are referring to. sforceClient is obsolete, so you should use sforce.connection instead. This is part of the AJAX Toolkit, so you should look at the docs for that. SObject is also part of the AJAX Toolkit; you use it to represent a record in Salesforce (SObject is short for Salesforce Object). The examples should help as well, available in the respective documentations.