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Status of Ajax Toolkit?

If we dig through the now *production* product, Call Scripting, and we look through the Javascript that is behind it, I see a bunch of code for talking to the version 8.0 endpoint, managing Contexts, Graphics, and some compatability stuff for maintaining a V7, V8 world.  As well as helpers that some of us have been using for a long time like the QueryString stuff, etc.

Can we start using this V8 stuff and count on it as part of the production environment since it's part of a production product?  Or am I digging too far into the implementation and it's not to be relied on (as I expect) for external use.

I've also got quite a library now of Bug fixes to the 3.3 Beta release which has been Beta for a "long" time.

Can we have a glimpse of the master plan?  When V8 comes out will it be upwards compatible with the V7 stuff, or, since this has been "Beta", is that not guaranteed?

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,

I second you on that


Chris DChris D
I would assume a new version is in the works for the new release. One thing I discovered was that IE7 beta does not work out of the box with 3.3 beta. Some additional code would have to be added to support this.
Hopefull I can shed a bit of light on this.

- The AJAX toolkit is being productized, meaning it will be fully supported, fully documented, non-beta release.
- The new AJAX toolkit will be released as part of Winter 07 and the next AppExchange platform release - the  details of the toolkit (and that release) will be may available (in full technical detail) at adn@dreamforce - details are here.
- The semantics of the new toolkit will change a bit from the beta, but the beta will continue to work (you should migrate, but you can at your own pace.)

Also FYI if you register as a developer for Dreamforce using the code DEVGR06 you can get an additional $100 off.