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Customizing Accounts Home page

Is there anyway that I can customize the home page of a standard object, say Accounts home page. My requirememt is to add a custom link "Creare New Account" ponting to a S-Control somewhere on the accounts home page so that user uses this link instead of the standard add account button. From what I could find in forum postings and docs, only the Home page sidebar is customizable. Is there some way/ hack that can help me do this?
Thanks in advance,

Message Edited by Blaxxun on 07-31-2006 02:52 PM

Here are two hack ideas:

1)  - Create a formula field on account as follows:
HYPERLINK("/servlet/servlet.Integration?lid=01N60000000Cy0Y", "Create New ", "_self")
 - Replace the lid with your scontrol id
 - Optionally use the IMAGE() parameter in place of the 'Create New" text, to give the field a more visual representation
 - Put the field on the 'Accounts Tab' 'Search Layouts next to account

This way the user will see the create new link if they have accounts showing in the 'Recent Accounts' list

2) - Create a web tab called 'Create New Account' that directs to the scontrol/ URL you want to invoke
 - Put the tab next to the accounts tab

This is a real hack and takes up valueable space.

Thanks, will try this out and see how it looks :-)