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Custom Links in Edit mode

I hope this isn't a stupid question (I new to Salesforce.com): Is it possible to have custom links displayed when editing a contact?
Here's why: I want to implement a multi-select field where the options are generated from a query againast a custom object.
The standard multi-select field takes it's options list from the field definition, so to add or remove options I need to edit the field.
What I want is more data driven than that, so I thought I'd create an  S-Control using AJAX toolkit to perform a query against the DB, and  present a list of checkboxes for the user. The S-Control would update a field (text or text area) using values checked in the form when the user presses a ok button  (all pretty standard stuff I guess).

However, I need a custom link to call the S-Control, and the "custom-links" section of the form is not presented when I edit the contact record.
Am I missing something ???

Ron HessRon Hess
no custom links or buttons are available on the edit screens, sorry.

Hi Ron,

Is there any information on when Custom Links in Edit Mode may be available?



Ron HessRon Hess
No, what is your use case ?