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going from partner to enterprise wsdl's... can I?

My s-control using an on-demand java pattern (thanks Dave!) is working nicely.  But because the sforce ajax api requires
the use of the partner wsdl, I believe I'm up a creek because it eventually dawned on me that I can't switch to the
enterprise wsdl (using the on-demand pattern) to pass off salesforce update chores to our java environment (without
having to start a separate session in the java space).

From what I can tell, I have to offload all of the sobject manipulations to the sforce ajax area because I keep getting
"invalid type" errors in the java environment which appears to be due to the fact that the session that the java
environment inherits from the s-control is the partner wsdl flavor.

So if this is the case, I guess my strategy would be to relieve the java app of salesforce responsibility and
let the s-control deal with those items (convert lead, update custom objects, etc.).  Or am I missing something
obviously do'able?

thanks, David
Session's are NOT tied to an api type. If you have an api session, you can use it between both API types, so it sounds like you need to look for something else that's causing the invalid type error.
Well that's a relief!  Sorry for the ignorance... I tried a bunch of things to get past the invalid type error,
gathering that the only time that occurs is due to the wsdl type issue.    At least I know it's possible and
will see what else I may be dealing with.

As always, thank you for the awesome support.