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Lead custom field mapping

On lead conversion : I want to map lead custom field to the custom field on Account, as well to the custom field on opprtunity. As of now I can map to only one custom field(either account or oppty). Is there a way to map to two objects/ fields?????????
I appreciate your help.

We wanted to do the same thing, but were unable to find a way. We solved it by cloning the field (not a big deal, since it came in through Web-to-lead or an import), so there was one copy for opportunities and a different one for accounts.
Somewhat related question: is there some kind of API call that will tell me the mapping from Lead fields?
How so I clone the field in my case?

Our method of cloning was really quite simple, but dependent on the lead coming in through an import or Web-to-Lead...

The field, "Original Campaign", was a method to track the original source of the of the lead. We simply built two custom fields into the lead:
Original Campaign 1
Original Campaign 2

In our Web-to-lead form, we set fields for both of these fields. In some cases, it was done dynamically with javascript, but the simplest simply had in the form itself:
[input type="hidden" name="00N00000006omR4" value="Web Resources - UltraQuest"]
[input type="hidden" name="00N00000006omR5" value="Web Resources - UltraQuest"]
(actual code has GT, LT brackets rather than square ones).

In our imports of leads, we added two columns, for the same fields, and cloned the values in the CSV file before importing it.

Finally, within setup, we specified that that, on conversion, Original Campaign 1 was to be transferred to the opportunity field Original Campaign, and Original Campaign 2 was to be transferred to the account field Original Campaign.
Hi, it was your last comment that really hit home with me. Where within Setup do you attribute the conversion? That's the clincher for me, thanks!