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Possible to create a set of PrintAnything queries that get around parent-child-grandchild limit?

We have the following situation
Opportunity - Custom Object (Service) - Custom Object (Billing Schedule).
I'm trying to PrintAnything to print information from 1 opportunity which may have many services, each of which may have many billing schedule records.
I've had not trouble getting the opportunity record information and the associated services (Service__c where Opportunity__c = '{Opportunity1.Id}'). The only way I have been able to retrieve the billing records is by individual queries for the services returned (Service_Billing_Information__c where Service__c = '{Service__c3.Id.0}' and Service_Billing_Information__c where Service__c = '{Service__c3.Id.1}').  Writing the query as Service_Billing_Information__c where Service__c = '{Service__c3.Id.n}' does not work.
All I want to do is have a Lookup field self populate at the grandchild level. My hierarchy is Grandparent (Account) Parent (System (Custom Object) Grandchild (Case). When you navigate down to Case the Lookup field for System will self populate but a Lookup field for Account is blank. Yes you can access Accounts and put the right one in but why can it not be automatic?