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"Print Anything" App Performance - Slow Queries

I'm trying to use the application "Print Anything" from the Appexchange to generate a Html printout containing key information of an Account. This includes some Account fields and records from related lists (open Opportunities, Cases, ...).
Print Anything is a very powerfull application but I'm having some issues with its execution speed. It is very slow for queries returning more than just a couple of rows. For example a SOQL query returning 10 Opportunities is executed in more than 15 seconds. In my case, it takes about 1 minute to get the full Account summary printout.
Could you please tell me if you've encountered similar perf issues with Print Anything.
Thanks a lot in advance,
Alexandre Pitsaer
Steve DSteve D
Not that's this is a helpful reply but yes, the queries I've built execute painfully slowly. Is there any official word as to why this is?