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How do you limit drill down column list?

I am develping some reports, and when the report is executed, there is an option to drill down to a column.  The picklist here displays all columns (even system generated ones).  This makes for a very complicated list of columns for the user to navigate.  I would like to limit the list to just the columns I want the user to be able to drill down by.  Does anyone know how to do this?

Not sure what you mean exactly.  Do you mean the capability of choose customize and then select which columns you want to display on the report?  If so, the way to change which columns can be selected from would require creating a custom report type. 

Here's a link for getting help on this feature if you do not know what this is:  https://na5.salesforce.com/help/doc/user_ed.jsp?section=help&target=reports_report_type_def.htm&loc=help&hash=topic-title

Thanks for the help.  It looks like the key is to Edit the Layout properties from the Report Type creation wizard.  You just click and drag the fields from the you don't want displayed (e.g. Created By, Owner) to the user (from the appropriate section) over to the right where the object fields are listed.  Makes the drop down lists much more user friendly!