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Java Button - Works in IE/Firefox but not Chrome

I have a custom button that executes OnClick Javascript and it works fine in IE and in Firefox, but in Chrome I get the following error message:


A problem with the OnClick JavaScript for this button or link was encountered:


{faultcode:'soapenv.Client', faultstring:'Missing entity type information. sObject requires a separate 'type' field be sent.',}


It is odd to me because I do not really understand the message and it works in the other two browsers, so it shouldn't be a mapping problem. The code takes a custom object (called referral) and maps fields from that to a new Lead that it creates. It also updates the referral status and ties the Lead to it. The code is below. Can anyone help me figure out the issue? Thanks!



    if ("{!Referral__c.Status__c}" == "Converted")
        alert("Referral {!Referral__c.Name} has already been converted to a Lead. To view the Lead, please see the Related Lead field on the Referral.");
    } else
        var Lead = new sforce.SObject("Lead");
        Lead.Referrer_Branch__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Branch_Referred_By__c)}";
        Lead.Business_or_Individual__c = "{!Referral__c.Business_Individual__c}";
        Lead.Client_Type__c = "Prospect";
        Lead.Company = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Company_Name__c)}";
        Lead.Referrer_Department__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Department_Referred_By__c)}";
        Lead.Email = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Referral_Email__c)}";
        Lead.FirstName = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Referral_First_Name__c)}";
        Lead.LastName = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Referral_Last_Name__c)}";
        Lead.LeadSource = "Referral";
        Lead.Status = "Open - Not Contacted";
        Lead.Phone = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Phone__c)}";
        Lead.RecordTypeId = "01280000000EtDm";
        Lead.Referral_Address__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Referral_Address__c)}";
        Lead.Referral_Comments__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Comments__c)}";
        Lead.Referral_Company__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Company_Name__c)}";
        Lead.Referral_Contact_Method__c = "{!Referral__c.Contact_Method__c}";
        Lead.Referral_Creator__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Record_Creator__c)}";
        Lead.Referral_Email__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Referral_Email__c)}";
        Lead.Referral_First_Name__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Referral_First_Name__c)}";
        Lead.Referral_ID__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Id)}";
        Lead.Referral_Last_Name__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Referral_Last_Name__c)}";
        Lead.Referral_Phone__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Phone__c)}";
        Lead.Referral_Preferred_Time__c = "{!Referral__c.Preferred_Time__c}";
        Lead.Referral_Product__c = "{!Referral__c.Product__c}";
        Lead.Referral_Record_Type__c = "{!Referral__c.RecordType}";
        Lead.Secondary_Name__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.Secondary_Name__c)}";
        Lead.Secondary_Relationship__c = "{!Referral__c.Secondary_Relationship__c}";
        Lead.What_brought_Referral_into_the_bank__c = "{!JSENCODE(Referral__c.What_brought_Referral_into_the_bank__c)}";

        var refResult = sforce.connection.create([Lead]);

        if (refResult[0].getBoolean("success")) {
            // now update the referral to reflect that it was successfully updated
            var currentReferral = new sforce.SObject("Referral__c");
            currentReferral.Id = "{!Referral__c.Id}";
            currentReferral.Status__c = "Converted";
            currentReferral.Related_Lead__c = refResult[0].id;
            var result = sforce.connection.update([currentReferral]);
            // redirect to newly created lead
            var redirectLocation = refResult[0].id;
            window.location = redirectLocation;
    } else {
        alert("Failed to convert Referral. " + refResult[0]);



We actually have the same problems but it occurs seldomly. Basically when the button is clicked on a few records it gives the error, otherwise it goes fine. After going nuts we have recommended our users to use Firefox. 

Does anyone have a solution for this?