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Question on s-control from a newbie...

Good afternoon, all,
First off, i apologize if the questions are somewhat newbieish - I must admit i am a true neophyte when it comes to s-control creation...
My question revolves around adding an s-control on the opportunity form.  With scheduled products, your revenue (and release) is spread out amongst months or quarters, and to view this you have multiple clicks.  We do have a report which will show this, but once again, you need to leave the opp field to view, and it would be best to view on the opp.  What I was thinking was embedding an s-control on the detail form that would "show" this information.  My questions to all you experts is...
1) Can you "embed" a report on a screen through an s-control, so that it is shown (while also passing along info like the opp name, schedule, etc to filter the report)?
2) If this is a silly way to do it, what suggestions would you have?

i don't believe it's possible to truly "embed" a report in the detail page (i suppose you may be able to use an iframe), but you can definitely write the appropriate scontrol to echo this formatted data on the detail page.

you could also look into something like crystal reports or xcelsius to do the heavy lifting for you.