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Email2Case constantly fails using Google Apps

We are using email2case with our Google Apps account so all emails to support@ get picked up by the email2case agent and piped in


It works apart from intermittently it will just *crash or hang* where it fails to connect to Salesforce or fails with a connection error when connecting to imap.gmail.com (see below)


2009-01-26 17:14:34,468 [Timer-0] INFO     processing 0 messages

2009-01-26 17:25:03,812 [Timer-0] ERROR Unable to connect to mail service.

Service: imap.gmail.com

User: support@domain.co.uk


Message: * BYE Temporary System Error;

  nested exception is:

        com.sun.mail.iap.ConnectionException: * BYE Temporary System Error



Worse still ... it doesnt re-connect .. so our support system just dies 



We have been advised (by Salesforce support) that it doesnt work with Google Apps, however, we tried it on another IMAP email account and experienced the same problems


It is making the email2Case totally useless for us as we have keep resetting agent to get it to start polling again.


Attached our config files incase there is something obvious we've missed but it works most of the time


============= Email2Case.txt =================
















======  SFDCCONFIG.TXT ======================































Hi AdammcUK


We use email 2 case with google apps with very few issues, however we use the Salesforce hosted version of email 2 case, not the downloadable client.

We used to use the downloadable client without any issues, but our system has changed and I don't have any of those files anymore to compare with yours.


Have you considered moving across to the Salesforce hosted email 2 case platform?


The only issues we have with it is that if there is an issue with an email, there is an undelivered message sent to the email 2 case address, which doesn't come into Salesforce and I have to manually check the inbox for these.