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Mass Update Opportunities App - Opp Record Types and Stages

I downloaded this app which is a great tool that I have been looking for.  I managed to add some new fields and remove some to this process.  My question is how do I get the stages to only pull stages that are related to the opportunity record type?  Currently it shows all stages that are listed some we don't even use.  I want to only show those that are the opportunities record type.
[turbo.grid.columns.sfenumerated,{name:'Stage',sfname:'stagename',comparator: stageCompare,width: 125,options: getOptionsArray(bean,'stagename'),values: getOptionsArray(bean,'stagename')}]
Thanks in advance for any help on this.
Ron HessRon Hess
that would be a bunch of code to get this right, you need to look thru the record type info in the describeSObject data structure, fetch the recordtype of the opportunities, then pull a list of picklist values based on the intersection.  I never got that far on this app, sorry.
You could build in a drop down list and put in a filter to the effect of a where clause to the select statement.