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Data integration app

Is there an open source project for converting XML to inserts/updates to data in SFDC? 


I've worked on a Java component that does this through Force.com WS, and am now helping a project that did the same with .NET.  But, I think it would be a real step forward to put the data transformation and business logic in Apex and just allow the other tools to send the XML and CSV data to it via a web service call or email.  


This would have real advantages in global enterprises that tend to have multiple SFDC instances as well as multiple divisions sharing an instance, as it would permit custom data transformations and trigger logic to be housed and maintained with the data, which itself is custom in both model as well as data use and business process.  


This could be packaged with App Exchange or Code Share to permit high reuse.  


Does such a project exist, yet?  If not, is anyone interested in joining one?


if this is an Enterprise integration then using custom code could be  lot of hassle from maintenance standpoint ,you can use informatica on demand's service which really is low-priced on subscription basis. i am recommedning this as i have used it at many of customers.

I've seen a demo Informatica's integration capabilities with SFDC.  It is a bit limitted from the demo I saw.  I can't remember if it supported mapping XML elements to SFDC's object model.  But, I couldn't see logic to allow customized invocation.  For example. I might want data to simply be passed as a parameter to a static Apex class method, permitting business logic to be handled within SFDC itself (via Apex programming). 


Also, I'm thinking of developing something that is completely free (FOSS), barring IaaS or PaaS costs (hosting, bandwidth), hostable in the cloud, and capable of integrating with any web service object model, not just SFDC.  This would allow data to be more interchangeable via different clouds.  Being free, perhaps a development community can drive it.  


I'm not 100% sure if it can help you but you may try Apatar   open source ETL product. It has connectors for XML and Salesforce and you can migrate your data (insert/update/upsert) to SFDC. More information on their website and Apatarforge.