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Gross Amount Split in Opportunities

Hi all,


I hope that someone can help but i'm trying to replicate some excel-based reports in Salesforce, and one particular report splits out the gross amount over certain months.


We have created custom date fields that are called 'Campaign Start Date' and 'Campaign End Date' - which refers to the TV spot booking for which this opportunity is for. Our teams require a report that shows which client has booked a spot, and for how long.




If we pitch to Smiths Inc. with a figure of £500k, and the pitch is won, we need to know the months for which to bill Smiths Inc. - but only for the months of the campaign duration.


So the campaign details are as follows:


Campaign Start Date = 01/08/2009

Campaign End Date = 01/12/2009

Gross Amount = £500,000


The money split would be as follows:

August = £125,000

September = £125,000

October = £125,000

November = £125,000


Any months that don't fall into the campaign dates will be blank.



Report Header (and data) Example 



Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sept   Oct   Nov  Dec

                                                                   125k  125k  125k 125k




I'm thinking that I would need to create twelve formula fields (one for each month), but I'm not sure of the structure of how to put these formulas together.


Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can do this easily? The report creation is the simple bit, but I'm stuck on creating the formula fields.


Help will be appreciated.





Message Edited by ITVED on 06-23-2009 05:30 AM
Message Edited by ITVED on 06-23-2009 05:30 AM
I am have similiar issue.  What did you end up doing?

Hey Ed,


This is a traditional problem for media companies. Many people at salesforce and the respective companies don't understand the sales/RFP process beyond product and sales.

I focus on working with digital media companies specifically with ad platform, networks, exchanges, and major publishers. I have a strong understanding of the Advertiser/Brand, Agency relationships as well as campaign scheduling by booked, actual, and even gross revenue.

We've built some pretty strong functionality and reporting as well as process recommendations. Please understand that this is a particular problem that the salesforce community is not well equipped to solve because 1) they have a limited understanding of the media business, 2) the salesforce product isn't designed for media campaigns, 3) scheduling and forecasting by booked revenue month across life of campaign is a challenge solved technically and process-wise.


If you're interested, I can give you a quick tip - if you're on enterprise edition, you can use the product revenue scheduling feature, but this assumes that you have recurring product types AND that you trust your reps to enter the correct dollar amount for each monthly bucket.


I noticed that you're looking for some help. If you're interested, we can have a chat.





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