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more than 10 file attach

Hi, I noted a problem with email-to-case agent version of 29 june.

If there are more than 10 files attached to the email, the agent stops to work.

Hope you can help me.




I was not able to reproduce the problem you describe. I performed the following tests:
1)send an email with more than 10 attachments < size limit
2)send an email with more than 10 attachments > size limit.

They both worked as expected; that is, a case got created in 1) and an exception was returned in 2). In neither case did the agent stop working.

I need more information, particularly:
- What version of the Email2Case agent you are using. When did you download the agent?
- What�s the total file size for the attachments?
- What type of file you attached to an email? (which shouldn�t matter)

Mark Abramowitz
Senior Product Manager, Supportforce
What is the size limit?
The size limit per email is 5 MB. It does not matter how many files are attached to the email.
With the latest release, as of july 20th '05, the agent seems to barf on when I forward an email as an attachment. Anyone else have this issue?