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Partner Portal

Just wanted to start a thread. Our company, Fortinet, is up and running in a beta phase with this release. We just trained some of our partners, 25 of them, and our sales rep this last week, 4/18/05.

We'll see how it goes. Right now we only released the Leads object however in a couple of weeks we'll release the Opportunity and documents area.


How's it working for you, are you up and running, and how long did it take you to roll it out? Our company just started looking into using the partner portal released recently. I keep getting error 500 when trying to run the portal on my machine. Unfortunately, I'm no expert at this, I'm just an admin for the app! I tried everything in the documentation that comes with the file on, but still does not work. Maybe this is a problem with Tomcat Server setup, I don't know... Any ideas? We're looking into using the partner portal for all our channel partners, and would use it for the same purpose as you, sharing leads with them.


JF Kuersteiner


We were the first to be up and running on it. We've had it running for about 2 months now and just coming out of our beta phase where we opened it up to a smaller partner set to see who they like it.

Yes the hardest part is getting the tomcat server up and running correctly. One hint, if you're using XP is to check the Firewall settings and turn them off. (of course this would be only on your development box) I worked with our web master in setting up the server. From there Tomcat is really Slick and simple. You place the jar file in the webapp directory and it unpacks it and deploys it. (however that took a bit of time to know that! )

The Best thing to do is if you have it, have one of your IT people set the Server up.

Right now I'm looking at the our dashboard know:
Number of partners using it: 11 out of 25.
Number of leads given to partners: 2,864
Number of closed won deals from partners: $$$ (sorry rather not disclose)
Number of Unread Leads: 1,516
Number of Invaild leads: 828
Gotta agree w/ Fifedog on this one... Tomcat is the PITA here.

I've played with it a bit on my development box but all my production boxes run Tomcat 4.1.x, nothing's running 5 yet and I'm not sure I want to back port it...

It sounds like you are having the same problem I had.  The resolution that I found was that I needed to put the tools jar file into the C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.0\common\lib directory. 

Hope that helps.



Could you tell me know what kind of lead assignment rules you have implemented? Standard assigment to the Partner creating a lead or the Web 2 lead assigment ?

If you're using the web 2 lead assigment, I guess you added the "web 2 lead" code behind the "New lead" button. Problem, I can't find where the "new lead" code is located? which file?

Any ideas?






We don't have any lead assignment rules. Our business wanted someone at fortinet to touch the leads first. So we have the normal Web2Leads that go to our reps. It's up to our reps to pass them to our partners. this passing is done via the standard "Change Owner" process.

There is no need to 're-code' the web to lead form to assign things to partners. Use the standard/custom fields to fire your lead assignments to proper rout things to parnters if you want. Weather it be from certain web pages or a lead scoring rules.