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Email2Case install as Service

This maybe a novice question, or a stupid one but I'm trying to figure out make this email2case run on reguardless if a of user log in or server reboot.

1) I want to be sure if the server is rebooted it will autostart.
2) I don't want to be logged into the windows machine to have it run. So how do I 'install'/make this agent run like a service?
After talking with support they don't provide a way to do this. However they did point me to Google "There are programs that create wrappers to applications to run them as a service on Windows that I found through Google."

With that said after spending some time on Google and trying to figure out what "what" to search for here are some of my findings below. I'm going to try the Java Wrapper.

Java Wrapper explained:,1410,32068,00.html
(references: to get the wrapper)

Windows Run as Service Reg key settings:
I found some interesting articals on how to modify the registry keys. Search Google on the key word: RunServices

Microsoft KB:

Commercial third partner applications

A list of others:

how did you ever make out? i am able to run email to case fine as an app. I installed it as a service with java wrapper but the service does not run, it is not able to load the main class.


Could you give me your email address id like to discuss this with you


It's been a while however the thing does run as a service. One of the Salesforce developers helped me out on this one.
I can report great success we've had with ActivePlus ServiceMill (  It is incredibly simple and we had email2case running as a Windows service within minutes.  Absolutely no tinkering with Java files, classpaths, etc. was necessary - it was a total no-brainer.  Total cost is $149 for a single Windows server.

1.  Install ServiceMill (free 30-day trial download on their site)
2.  Through the admin console that shows up, create a new ServiceMill service
3.  Aim the service at email2case.bat
4.  Set the directory for the service to the same directory that holds email2case.bat

That's it.  The first time I logged off the machine, the service stopped, but after a subsequent reboot, the service started automatically (before anyone logged in), and the service then survived subsequent logons/logoffs.

Glenn Weinstein
Appirio, Inc.
Alex P.Alex P.
From my part, we have used srvany.exe from the Windows ressource kit and it worked perfectly the first time. It now runs as a service without any distruption (and it's free).
For adding a second user, it was my mistake. The problem was that I have not created the outlook folders "testprocessing" and "testerror" like mentionned by default in the email2case.txt. So basically adding a second user is straightforward ;
- add the user in sales force
- add the user in the server
- add the user in email2case.txt using <server2> </server2> and now everything works fine.
Alex P.Alex P.
For adding the second user, sorry, wrong thread.